An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Old fashioned roses...


And just like that, it's the 1st of May!

David bought some beautiful roses on Saturday (before you think he'd come over all romantic, I asked him to :-) and I was delighted to see they are what I call, old fashioned roses.  Most roses in shops these days are buds and seem to die before they open up properly.  I love these open ones!

By coincidence, Natalie bought a beautiful bunch of pink roses for me on Saturday and they are the same, open with large soft petals. 

I would love take them to the studio and paint them in watercolour and acrylics but I just don't have a spare second.  Very frustrating.  I've taken lots of photos so hopefully I can have a go at painting them when I get back from the Outer Hebrides.  

We leave to go on holiday on Thursday.  Broke the news to Alan today and he was totally unfazed.  I asked him if he would have a party while we're gone and he said yes!  LOL!  

Spent the bulk of the day getting organised for going away.  Packing clothes is the easy bit, the thing that takes time is my hobby stuff!  But photography gear is packed, crochet bag is packed, reading material packed...just the art stuff to do.  Oh, and the clothes, and the outdoor jackets, and the overnight bag, and the kitchen sink...

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