Taking Dog For Walkies

The Dog is Mr Dog. I had suggested that Mr Dog should join me in the Botanical Gardens for coffee and a walk.

Mr Dog is featured in the thumbnail. He is taking videos as he strolls through areas of the garden. Highlight for him is Memorial Garden to HMQM.

Quite a number of gardeners are busy planting areas. In the circular court. 

We examined the various commemorative paving slabs and I did discover the one which mentions the Cinque Ports. Reading and photographing the various slabs and plaques is really quite difficult in dry conditions. Perhaps wet surfaces would help.

The Best of Edinburgh Road Culture. I had approached a traffic warden regarding a meter position. He suggested I park on the other side adjacent to a particular where the rate was less than half where I had parked.

A Gentleman and a Scholar!

The Worst of Edinburgh Roads.  Easily appreciated by driving along them. A perfusion of potholes. Worn Lane markings. Impossible Lane changes and bicycle lanes which make little sense to mortorists and cyclists.

Whoever is responsible for the design neither drives or rides a bike.

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