Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Lonely Tree

Just because you're alone doesn't mean you're lonely. This little tree gets so many visits from photographers that I don't see how it can be. 

I set an alarm for 5 o'clock hoping it would be dry and it was. It's just a 10 minute walk from the site I'm on to get there and as I arrived a red-breasted merganser came sailing past complete with several chicks. Camera wasn't out so no pics. I was pleased to have the place to myself and I could try out different lenses, long exposures and everything. The pic I like best is one of the first I took, funny how it goes.

Back to camp for breakfast and decided to go for a walk. I got a slip of paper with the guff you get when you book on a site. It said if you go through a gate, walk through the woods and turn right you're on High Street. That seems very convenient. I did that, walked on up the hill past slate tips and carried on. After about half an hour I checked google maps and found I still had 25 minutes walking to do. It seems that High Street is the name of the road that goes to Llanberis not where you find Boots the chemist and Marks and Sparks. I turned back. I did find a huge quarry pit with lots of interesting rock faces and pillars. I think I'll go back with the drone as soon as this strong wind has abated.

I drove into Llanberis and had a cup of coffee and walk round that end of the lake and after that I decided to drive up to Ogwen Falls. I've added a couple of extras, one of the falls that come down under the road bridge and another of Llyn Ogwen boathouse with Tryfan behind.

It's been a much better day than was forecast (by the BBC), in fact it's been quite lovely at times. I think we might get more rain tomorrow though.

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