By amandoAlentejo

Spot the Boar

Walking down to the Lake, met Jaime, who was very excited, pointing to a wild boar which was walking past his sheep. So I guess it's exciting. We've seen diggings just down the bottom of our Land. The sheep were looking at it, but didn't seem too bothered. Anyway, Mike's excited as well, and says I have to record this, so here it is, instead of all the beauty photos I'd gathered... a photo I’d taken just to show Mike.

Have given up on getting my passport in time to go to our nephew's wedding, so have booked a single bed to stay in Lisbon while Mike's gone. Thought I'd feel excited, but instead feel a bit apprehensive... weird... am I losing my adventurous spirit?? 

- the chance to explore Lisbon on my own for three days!
- catch-up with Julia, and seeing her Baby move, 25 weeks tomorrow
- seeing the wild boar (?)

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