An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Teeming over Taransay...

David and Kenny were up and out early to play golf at Harris Golf Club at Scarista.  Ele and I enjoyed a lie in then had breakfast together.  

The Golfers returned at 1.30pm and after lunch we headed off to drive the Golden Road to the Bays, Rodel, Leverburgh then back up the main road past all the stunning south Harris beaches.

We were in no rush so took our time.  Every corner we turned we gasped at the beauty of the scene before us, even though much our surroundings resemble a lunar landscape.

Of course we were so late in the day doing our circular tour, any chance of stopping for coffee and cake was denied us.  Lorna's Larder isn't opening this week, The Butty Bus at Leverburgh was closed as was The Temple Cafe and Croft 36.  We didn't bother to go along the Luskentyre road as we knew the Cake Shed would also be closed.  Instead we decided to get a fish supper when we got back to Tarbert.

On the last leg of the journey we stopped many times to photograph the stunning scene before us.  Unfortunately David had forgotten to put my elbow crutches in the boot so my only option was to take photos from the passenger seat *rolls eyes*.

I've been along this road a number of times but this is the first time the tide has been in and I was delighted to be so close to the waves.  If only I had a telephoto lens.   We sat and watched a weather front roll in from the west and ditch its watery load over Taransay and our little holiday house over there at the foot of the North Harris hills.

By this point we were starving and got the the chippy in Tarbert at two minutes to seven.  It closes at 7!  Thankfully the lovely man agreed to serve us but they had no fish left, so two sausage suppers and two burger suppers it was.  I have to say they rank in our top 5 of chippy dinners.  The burgers were properly made beef burgers, not packet supermarket one, served in a delicious bun with onions and a sliced of melted cheddar, not that plastic cheese.  Ele and David said the sausages were amazing and we all raved about the chips.

We were supposed to find a scenic spot to sit and eat them but were were so hungry we got as far as the Harris gin Distillery car park and stopped to eat them there!  lol

Last full day here tomorrow before we head to Stornoway on Friday so shopping is on the cards.  Back to the Distillery to buy our Harris Gin refills, Essence of Harris for candles, reed diffusers and room fragrance sprays, then into Hope Blamire's newly opened shop.

More shots from today's adventures in extras :-))  The people on the beaches give an idea of how vast they are.  

Majestic beauty

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