59 and a bit more

By 59

Flower Friday and more

I love my trees as much as the flowers so I’ll add some to my flower pic today. Crepe myrtle, elm, Robinia, Japanese maple and Chinese pistachio. The flower is a winter ( Algerian) iris which flowers ALL  winter. Aka iris unguicularis. Indestructible. 

Started the day meeting Clarissa for breakfast before she went to work. After half an hour Kate walked in, she is now living in Bourke 7 hours drive away but was home for the weekend. We (Kate and I) stayed until 10.30. 

I don’t know what happened to the rest of the day but it is now dark and I need to cook dinner. We are having salmon, chips and salad in case you can’t decide what to have. The worst part of cooking is deciding what to eat. 

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