Capital adventures

By marchmont

Family weekend 2

Another weekend away. Becoming a habit. After a swim and some this 'n that and packing J and I set off for niece H's new house in Gateshead. We went the coast road, A1, and didn't, as planned go through the centre of Newcastle but to the west. It was only then J told me she couldn't map read, and I don't b do Sat Nav but perhaps should redownload Waze. 

The new house is an apartment in a mansion built by Edward Joicey, a coal magnate. It's been a home, a WW1 hospital, a TB hospital, a Catholic seminary and a Torah Academy. It is big, will cost a fortune to heat and I think, knowing H and S, will take the next 20 years to get anything like liveable in. 

Tonight I'm sleeping in the playroom and we are having Persian food for takeaway. S is Iranian heritage. 

Going to be an interesting weekend.

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