Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Face off

Another pic from Clausentum Fen today, and an incident I really enjoyed.

The butterfly is a very tatty last-year's peacock.  It settled close to me on a broken bullrush stem (the background beige is made up of more bullrush stems).  To start with it spread its wings to warm them in the sun, before suddenly snapping them shut as a curious bee flew up.  For probably a full second they stared each other out.  I got my shot.  Then they both turned round and fled off in opposite directions.  I would love to have had a sound reel of their conversation ;)))

Nothing else to report about today - achievements have been small.  Except many thanks to H0tamer for hosting today's TT on the subject of 'something from the fauna around you'.

Take care, all, and enjoy your evening  xx

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