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By walkingMarj

Barrasford Park post box

This morning I loaded the boot of my car with cardboard boxes, empty bottles and other rubbish, ready for a trip to the tip. 

It's a cathartic experience for me, as I throw bags into the general rubbish, toil up metal stairs with cardboard and throw the empty bottles through the hatches. The glass breaks loudly inside.

All was well until I dropped a small pill bottle, which smashed. While clearing this up, I managed to cut a finger. Not serious, just uncomfortable and rather dirty. 

Before this, I'd been to the man in Tesco for my foreign currency. He was delightful. I think his job must be boring and he was happy to have a chat about holidays. He was just back from the Isle of Lewis, so we talked about the Outer Hebrides. He'd also been to St Kilda and his daughters were both married on a beach on Islay. I wonder who the photographer was on that day??

I was tired after the garage exertions and had an afternoon nap. Then I made corned beef hash for our meal.

This evening, I went for a short drive to check car parking spaces for a walk I will lead in mid June. The post box stands just outside the small community of Barrasford Park. "That's my blip", I said to myself.

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