Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Pond reflections

Last night we enjoyed the ballet very much - only annoying thing was there was a father and his young daughter, of about 5 years of age, sitting behind us, and she kept speaking throughout the performance and then started complaining that she was scared/tired/ they kept getting up and going out and coming in again, disturbing those around them. Thankfully they left before the final act. It was a late night as the ballet is 3 hours long, and then Gavin still worked when he got home until about he was very tired this morning but still left for work at about 6.30am.

Today I had a lovely long walk with Xena, it was such lovely weather that we walked for over 2 hours and only got home before lunch. The azaleas are now blooming in the woods and it all looks so pretty. I took this at Black Pond where the reflections looked good in that light.

It has been another very busy day. I realised yesterday that I can sell my existing Lee filter system, and so I got a few quotes but MPB gave me the best price - plus they send a courier to collect it for free, and pay you within 2 days of collection. I then realised I have five tripod heads and I only use one or two, so I am also selling those - again a decent price from MPB, so after those sales I have decided to go ahead and order the new filter system from Kase which I am very excited about. I have never liked the colour cast from the Lee neutral density filters, plus in cold weather when my hands don't work properly I often cross thread the filters into the slots so get light leaks, and the glass filters can easily break, and the resin ones can scratch. The Kase filters snap on so easily as they are magnetic, there is no colour cast, they are so easy to put on and take off and can be easily stacked, they have the best polariser filter system that is easy to use, and despite being glass they are light, scratch resistant and don't break easily - it was a no brainer for me!

I also went to a seamstress today to get some trouser legs shortened of a new jumpsuit that I have bought, shopped for a birthday present, sent off the AGM minutes, started looking into flights to SA to go visit my family, and then spent the rest of the day going through the 3 hours of videos that I need to watch before an RPS course tomorrow. I haven't finished the videos yet so I have turned off comments as I still have another 1.5 hours to watch - it takes twice as long as I am making notes as I go along.

I will catch up but things are busy at the moment!

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