By hazelh

Chez Cheeseminer at Dell House

Over two years later than originally planned, Mr hazelh and I have finally made it to the Dell House in Malvern Wells. Here we are guests of blipper Cheeseminer and his wife. We had a feeling that we would like it here, and we do - very, very much! Both the house and garden (blipped) are amazing, and we know that we are going to enjoy our stay here A LOT.

Our journey south by train was very straightfoward. We left our house just after 06:00, walked up to Waverley for the departure of the first train to Birmingham New Street at 06:52. The connection at New Street just before midday was smooth, and we reached Great Malvern an hour later.

We were warned that public transport in Malvern is poor with buses 'as rare as a herd of unicorns', so we hoped to take a taxi from Great Malvern to Malvern Wells. Although we saw some taxis in the street, we couldn't summon any by telephone, so we ended up walking to our accommodation. This was no great hardship since we walk or cycle most places at home.

The house is very close to the cemetery where Mr hazelh's great aunt Lorna and his great-grandmother Topsie are buried. We visited their grave this afternoon.

There is a lot of fun planned for tomorrow: a walking tour, a visit to the museum, dinner out with our hosts, and games!

Exercise today: walking (17,488 steps).

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