By hazelh

Diseases cured by Malvern water - allegedly

Mr hazelh and I have enjoyed such a fun day!

After breakfast, we walked from Malvern Wells to Great Malvern. Our first stop was for tea and coffee at a café between the museum and the cathedral. Then we met our guide Richard for a walking tour of the town. It is only Richard's second season, but he did a marvellous job of telling us about the town and its development. We also loved Richard's sense of humour. At one point he read out a list of some of the complaints that the supposed Victorian water treatments could cure (blipped). They sound like answers to a round of I'm sorry, I haven't a clue. On another list, a failed treatment is given - with 'falling in love' as the reason that the young man did not respond to the administration of Malvern water!

After the walk, we wandered around a wee market, then popped up a flight of stairs to the quirky Bluebird café for a delicious bowl of parsnip and sweet potato soup and cheese toasties.

Then we headed off to visit the museum, see the display about Mr hazelh's great aunt Lorna Lloyd (see the first extra), and chat to museum curator Faith Renger. We also took a wander around the other exhibitions, helped along by the entertaining audio guide.

Then it was time for more tea and coffee, plus a shared millionaire's shortbread on the grass beside the priory. We had hoped to go inside the priory itself, but it was busy with red robed choristers preparing for a service at 5pm. So, instead, we walked back to Dell House.

This evening we walked down to the Railway Inn for supper with our hosts Mr and Mrs Cheeseminer. On return home, we settled down for a game of Catan in German - see the second and third extras. It turned out to be quite a close game in the end, with three of us on 9 points when Cheeseminer placed his final winning pieces.

As you can probably tell, we're having a great visit to Malvern.

Exercise today: walking (23,048 steps).

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