Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

No bull here!

Today's meeting of the Music Group was in Balbriggan. It was a good one. Six of us there and a wide range of musical choices. It took quite a while for the six to assemble, chat went on for longer than usual before the actual music began and chat bubbled up again between each 10-minute choice so the session went on quite a bit longer than usual.

I had to spurn the glass of wine offered by our host and rush away before the others. Carl and I had a maybe arrangement to meet up afterwards but nothing was finalised. I had to turn off the route back to the motorway so I could pull in and consult the oracle to see whether or not I was summoned. I'd turned off onto a very narrow country lane so I could pull over safely and make a call. That's when I spotted this sign in a nearby field, so it just had to be blipped.

There was no sign of a bull in the field, so perhaps the intended message was not as it seemed. That's what went through my mind anyway — not so much to watch out for a dangerous animal as not to indulge in any bull**** perhaps.

Some back-clips have mysteriously appeared. Here and here.

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