By Kipsie

Beautiful Demoiselle (f)

2 rows of bean canes erected.
Indie walked.
A couple of hours spent on the jigsaw puzzle after a Danish & coffee.
Hubby got talked into signing up for Simply Cook .. Which I've cancelled before we are bombarded with plastic this & plastic that..... I trialed the honey mustard chicken with herb mash. YUK!! The herb mix for the mash was simply, no pun intended, horrid. More pans used to make a simple meal. 3 more to use up, mainly spicy so they won't be trialed by me.
I'm sure something else happened today, but I've slept since then. (back blip).

My ideal existence would consist of a simple wood cabin in a small piece woodland with water running through it, where I could sit, listen, & observe my surroundings all day long. These damselflies are always entertaining. This beauty was in Mum's garden.

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