An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The right man for the job...

I set my alarm for 7am but was wide awake at 6.20am so got up.

Tommy and his guys were on the roof just before 8am.  He knocked on the door just after 8.30am and handed David a large white box.  When David opened it, this was the sight that greeted him.  Turns out one of his daughters owns a cake shop!  Wow!  He is definitely the right man for the job!  lol  

We were very good and resisted the goodies and passed them through to Alan's team.  They're the ones who've been making the guys cups of tea while were were away, so they deserve the spoils :-)

As ever, Wednesday is Tesco online order day, and today's focus was on menus for next week when my lovely Blip pal P will be with us from Tuesday for 10 days.  And if that wasn't exciting enough, at the end of next week, for one night only, we will also be joined by my Blip Pal Strawhouse and her wonderful family, as they tour Scotland in Marshall, their camper van!  I can't wait!

And on Saturday our friends D and K are bringing their little boy Jack to meet us for the first time.  Jack is now three months old and this is the first time our diary and theirs had a Saturday where we were all free!  I can't wait to meet Jack and finally give him the gift I crocheted for him :-)  Just in time for summer!  lol

So lots of menu planning but it's all done now, so I can relax :-)

Today is the 10th Anniversary of me leaving work in preparation for our move to Perthshire.  I really can't believe that a whole decade has passed.  When I think of my little office it feels as though I only left it a few months ago!  My routine of getting Alan out to school before heading to work, and my work routine is still deeply embedded in my psyche.  If I happen to look at the clock around 3pm my mind immediately reminds me that in another life I would be trying to end a phone call, switching off my PC and locking my filing cabinet before rushing home, trying to capture my blip on the way,  and getting home to get Alan's potatoes peeled and cooking before he got home from school just after 3.30pm.  Oh the number of time his potatoes boiled dry and burned as I got caught up with getting my blip uploaded!  

All good things must come to an end and I was very lucky to spend 13 years doing my dream job, in a dream setting, with dream colleagues, who are now friends for life.  But oh how quickly the last decade has passed! 

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