Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

4,000TH BLIP

Nothing much to report today.    Did 2 loads of washing.  It was a fine windy day so the washing got dried outdoors. 

Went to the Co-op this afternoon. Noticed that lots of things I usually buy have gone up in price. eg  - they used to sell a pack of salmon for £4 each or 2 for £7. I always bought 2 packs.  Now they are £ 4.25 each with no mulibuy deal.

As you can see this is my 4,000th blip.  Hard to believe that I've posted so many photos.  Finding a daily blip is certainly part of my life now.  I'm so glad I joined this wonderful community.

My little bear helped to announce this special day.  He's sitting on a Barbie sofa which I found the other day when I was having a sort out.  I picked the bluebells and a few little yellow flowers ( not sure what they are )  from my back garden.  Thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday.

Steps today - 8,477

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