A day in the life

By Shelling


My old school, where I was working as a teacher until 2019, when I became a pensioner, had a restart of its music festival again this year. Because of the pandemic, the school hasn't arranged any festivals or concerts during the last two years. The school, Högalid, is a Folk-high school with students ranging from 20 year olds to pensioner groups. 

I was working there in 2008 when we started the festival and it has been a part of the schools image since then. We invited one or two national artists and the rest of the artists were present music students at the school and former students, now forming their career as musicians. That concept has continued through the years and the festival got a reputation for its intimate atmosphere and loving care for its guests.  

The atmosphere was intact. Some of the staff has been replaced after pensions and of course all the students are new to me but it was so nice to see the remaining staff and to talk a bit of old times and new. The festival blip is represented by a Canadian singer-songwriter called Ian Janes

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