Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR


I have been trying to get bee balm to grow and finally after several years I got two plants to come back after winter.   I have it  next to the back porch steps so I can see it when I sit on the porch.    Now I need to research how to deadhead if necessary when the blooms die so it will keep flowering all summer.  I have nine flowers now and probably that many buds.   I love the red and I am hoping to attract hummingbirds which we have only seen one so far and I think it was doing a migrating stopover.  

Today is hubby's 70th birthday!   He is old!   I don't understand how he got so much older than me!!!!!   HaHa!    However, he has been up on the roof getting it ready for the young man to come help him next weekend to put up the new tin roof.  I can't wait to sit outside when it is raining to hear that rain bouncing on the tin!   If it ever rains again!   Dry and dusty here.  

Off the to store to get the birthday boy his requested meal ingredients. 

Have a great Friday and a super weekend!   

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