Really enjoyed not having to get up with the dogs this morning whilst missing them at the same time!

So today I washed windows, cleaned the cooker hood and top of the range, cleaned 3 bathrooms, washed down the bannisters, hoovered the hall, stairs and living room, dusted the living room, tidied the kitchen, nipped to the supermarket and finally sat down for 10 minutes before we went to collect the boys from daycare.

They were pretty wiped out but rallied to head out and meet Ramos and his owner for a run round the field. After their dinner they sparked out only rousing themselves briefly to chomp down some plain spaghetti leftover from our dinner.

Hopefully they’ll sleep well tonight!

Blip of one of my dried roses, I have 2 large bowls full as I’ve kept every rise that Mr PHL had ever bought me. Guess I’m a wee bit romantic! Thanks BikerBear for hosting FlowerFriday.

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