Clock Tower

Thank for all your kind words  - it has been a crazy couple of days.

Both TT and I were a bit dazed this morning, totally drained and still exhausted.  I know I woke up at the usual time, but promptly fell asleep again.  TT had also slept on, but had got up before me.  BB had been texting me from fairly early to ask when we were going in – and to make sure we would be bringing clean clothes/pyjamas etc. in for him.   The hospital had told us last night we wouldn’t be allowed in before 11am, after the ward round, so  I was a little vague with BB, while assuring him we were getting  ourselves ready to go to the hospital. 
Just as we were getting ready to leave, we got a call from a surgeon who provided an update and sharing the news with us that BB needed an operation.  They had discussed this with BB, but of course, he wanted us there for the discussion.  We agreed to discuss it all further one we were at the hospital.
BB was pleased to see us, and it was good to see that he was a little brighter than yesterday, though still in some considerable pain.   A shower and clean clothes helped to freshen him up and lift his spirits slightly.  The consultant appeared and gave us the run down, and left us to discuss with BB and to consider the options.   The surgeon who would be performing the operation then appeared for another discussion and then later a third doctor came and had a really good chat with BB in particular.  They were all lovely, explaining everything really well, and very sympathetic to BB’s anxieties.
Once decisions were made, the anaesthetist came to see him, she had already had a chat with BB before we had arrived.  She was also lovely.  BB had been pencilled in for theatre at 2pm, but then that slipped and slipped.  They assured us that if they could, they would do his op this evening, but then they just ran out of time, with sicker patients taking priority, and around 8pm they came to say it wouldn’t be happening.  Although disappointing, and after such a long wait it wasn’t all bad  – as he could eat again.  However there was limited food available at that time.  We offered to go out and get him something, but the nurses rustled up sandwiches and fruit.  Then a lovely doctor came back with a second pack of sandwiches for him – he must have realised that teenage boys have huge appetites – even when poorly!  I also had some fruit and snacks, so was able to add to the bedside picnic.
Once he was fed, we decided to head home – he has his phone, charger, earphones and Netflix for company, as well as a very thick book and a magazine.  The doctor wanted to do further scans and a couple of additional tests, so we left them all to it.  We ate when we got home.  Neither of us could settle, so TT went out and watered the garden, and I walked around the block. 
We haven’t had time to celebrate our silver jubilee – which is today – our  twenty five year anniversary.  However there were a few cards and gifts waiting on us when we got home, which was very lovely.  We reminisced about how we had also spent our ninth wedding anniversary in hospital with BB – when he was a very tiny and very poorly baby – at the old Sick Kids.  That time we “celebrated” with a takeaway pizza!  Tonight we “celebrated” with leftovers!
This is the clock tower at the WGH.  BB can just see it from his window.  I took him outside for fifteen minutes to get some fresh air this afternoon – and we got a little closer to it.

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