By Pinkhairedlady

A nod to Silly Saturday

I know it’s not the official Silly Saturday but was intrigued by these tattoos on a 50 something gentleman that I had to blip them! Thanks to Davidc for keeping the challenge going in memory of Admirer.

We spent the morning getting house tidied for our visitors - Mr PHL’s brother and his wife - and putting together a picnic to take to Let’s Rock Scotland.

The weather was mostly kind, dry and sunny though it cooled down a bit as the evening wore on. The taxi dropped us quite close to the park
entrance and we picked a good time to go in as there were very few queues to get through security and bag search. They were quite thorough and found most of the cans we’d carefully hidden down the chair kegs but we managed to get 1 chair out of 4 through. They didn’t find my flasks of gin though so that was lucky. Drinks were limited in choice (one lager (curling) and no beers) and prices were steep - £6.50 for a pint which is why people try to bring in their own alcohol.

Saw some great 80s bands and some not so great. Really enjoyed the Selector, Nick Heyward and Squeeze but could have not heard Pig Bag or Level 42 and not been unhappy. Bought a sparkly gold/silver sequinned hoodie as a souvenir.

We left before OMD came on as we had pre booked a taxi home.

It was a lovely day - hope you enjoy the extra collage.

Back blipped Sunday 19th

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