By Pinkhairedlady

Finally some colour in the garden

I was delighted to find the miniature rose bush has finally got some buds - the other bush eaten by the puppy in the autumn is a little behind!

Came down this morning to find Phin in his crate looking very sorry for himself. Miss PHL heard him at 6 clattering around and came down to find shredded paper and a chewed up cork placemat being thrown about - she wasn’t best pleased to say the least. I had my earplugs in to drown out the very noisy birds so hadn’t heard a thing. When she’d let him outside he had an upset tummy so guess that’s what woke him so early. He’s been absolutely fine the rest of today if a little sleepy.

Took Miss PHL into town early as she was meeting her friend before heading to Aberdeen overnight for another friend’s birthday meal.

Home to catch up on blip - why do I let myself get so behind? I then cleaned the oven, microwave and hob before cleaning the windows downstairs. The joiner has done as much on the deck as he can before the electrician comes on Sunday to sort out the lights so it was time to do the patio doors which someone is very fond of pressing his nose against - wonder who that could be?

Worked my way through the ironing pile before we ordered a Chinese takeaway for dinner - hope it arrives soon! Should have a call with the ladies to complete the final escape room I bought during lockdown and thought I’d have time to post the TinyTuesday results beforehand.

Thanks to Anni BikerBear for hosting flower Friday.

Tiny Tuesday results
In time honoured tradition, in no particular order here are this week’s favourites and Honourable mentions. Thank you very much to the 71 blippers who took part this week.
DonnaWanna - inventive inky blots -
FC61 - matariki star -
dbifulco - mating dragonflies -
Cor61 - laughing policeman -
Energia - blue hydrangea flowers -

Honourable mentions 
Ingeborg - tiny blue flowers -
Libra - stripes souvenir -
Laurie54 - raindrops on car hood -
SeriousFrolic - blue dots -
dollydoug - Bluebells matchbox -

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