Neil had a day off today so I wasn't on " Luna Duty " as I often am on a Monday.  He's recovering slowly after his long run on Saturday - main problem a swollen ankle. So I had the day to myself.

It was uncomfortably hot today and very humid.  But not too much in the way of sunshine.  I decided not to go too far afield so I just walked to the village this afternoon for a bit of shopping.  I also dropped off two bags of stuff at the Barnardos charity shop.

The Mono Monday challenge word today is SQUARE.  When I was sorting through stuff to give to the charity shop I came across an old book - published in 1937  - titled Games And Sports In The Army. It contains the rules and laws of all the sports played by the army at that time.   I was flicking through the pages and spotted this advertisement for boxing rings.  Got me wondering.  A boxing ring is square - so why is it called a ring.  Seems as though this is a relic from the time when a physical fight between two opponents took place within a roughly drawn circle.  Even though boxing matches are now conducted in square shaped areas they are still called rings.  Thanks to laurie54 for hosting the challenge.

I have added an Extra of one of the other adverts in the book.  Fascinating to see what the well dressed gent was wearing in 1937
Steps today - 8,757

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