Weirdness Alert: Bugs With Human Faces

We were in the Barrens, and I was on a photography stroll while my husband jogged. I saw what was either one snowberry clearwing (hummingbird moth) three times, or three different ones once each, but I did not get a single decent photo. These are the hottest days of the year, and it is indeed time for the fancy bugs to come out to play!

These pink thistle blooms were quite popular, and all of the little buggies loved them. There were fritillaries flying around, and the aforementioned fancy bug, and then these two, enjoying a bit of summer romance.

They're actually multi-tasking. Ever gone out on a dinner date and then hopped straight into bed? Well, they're managing to check both boxes at once! Gotta give 'em efficiency points for not wasting any time.

If you look more closely, the bug on top appears to have a human face. The one on the bottom looks like it might be wearing . . . *looks more closely* . . . dentures. Eek. Ahem. *shudders* And that's the news from the Barrens.

What has been seen cannot be unseen!
You're welcome!  :-)

The soundtrack song is The Human League, with Human.

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