Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


It rained through the night again and early this morning. Then we had bright sunshine for a while and then it turned cooler and started to drizzle.  I timed my shopping trip to the Co-op wrongly as it started drizzling soon after I left the house. 

Apart from my walk to the Co-op I haven't done much today.  Caught up with a lot of recorded TV.  Heartburn comes and goes.  Tummy pain - the same.

It got quite late and I had no blip so it had to be an " Emergency Cat Blip ".  Tino was on the top part of his cat tree by the window.  Took my photos at  long range  so they are a bit blurry.  If I had gone closer he would probably have scarpered.

My granddaughter Astrid is one year old today.  I haven't seen her in person much but every day of the past year I've been sent at least one photo/video by Becky ( its usually a lot more than one actually ) so I feel as though I haven't missed anything.  I'm biased but she's such a sweet girl.  They went to Brighton today - Sea Life Centre and the Bear Factory.  Astrid got a bear for £1.  Apparently a child can got to a Bear Factory shop anytime in their birthday month and they pay for a bear according to their age. Great idea.  I have added some photos of the birthday girl in my Extras.

Steps today - 7,544

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