Plus ça change...

By SooB

New World Order

Today was the day that I finally accepted that the old PVR had given up the ghost (it now won't record properly, after several months of only being able to record the channel you were watching - which kind of defeats the purpose). However, it still has lots of shows in the library that we watch - as you can see there is a certain theme! Somehow I feel happier letting the kids watch a nature show than another half hour of kids' TV.

So, the new PVR is installed, and the old one is lurking under the TV stand, as a sort of giant VHS tape, ready to be plugged back in if we cannot get through the day without that show about the Pacific salmon run. The photos will all be printed out and stuck to the top of the machine so we remember what's on it. I wonder how many of these will be piled up under the telly in 10 years time? Or probably the way things are moving, we'll have all the telly ever made on something the size of an iPod.

And that, aside from more 'work' for Mr B (now known as 'the client'), a couple of light-sabre fights, watching Space Chimps and a nap (the last two overlapped somewhat) was my day.

Yesterday's 'guess the title' contest has no true winner (though I know of one blipper who would have got it no bother....), with a booby prize to Red for using Google to look it up. Your booby prize is this picture of a fine couple of boobies.

Steak and chips to come and a leisurely Friday night in front of the telly. Staying in - it's the new going out don't you know.

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