By Teasel

Spot The Bugs

TT headed off to work this morning and I headed out for a  walk.  It was much brighter today and felt much warmer.  My day wasn’t as busy as yesterday, so I took the opportunity to read a long report that I didn’t get round to before I went on leave.  I feel better for having done that, as I am aware that I am likely to be asked about it very soon.
All in all my day felt much less pressured than yesterday – though I have avoided my in box.  I had a good catch up with a new member of my team.  She is brilliant and it will be good to work with her. I also had a long chat with a colleague who is actually on annual leave.  I think I was just providing some social interaction for him as he lives on his own.  His son lives between him and his ex-wife, and I assume his son wasn’t around.  He loves to chat and contacted me on the premise of finding out if something he was working on when I was on leave has been progressed!!

TT took BB clothes shopping this evening and bought him his first suit!  I haven't seen it modelled yet.
I went out for a short walk this evening and it feels like the nights are drawing in – not what I want to be saying in July!
I spotted these sycamore seeds when I was out at lunchtime.  Spot the bugs.

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