By dunkyc

Shear cheek

Following her exit from my house last night, I was given a stern rebuke by my niece for the state I had let the hedge at the front of my house get into.

It had retained some moisture following the recent rain fall and she had got wet when her 5 year-old frame tried to move past and/or through it.

Suitably chastised and needing a break from an exceptionally tedious day at work, I gathered my shears, braved the numerous bees (one in extras) and set to work on tidying my bush. Having completed the task and looked at the before and after shots, I think my niece may have had a point.

Work continued to annoy for the afternoon, but with the early evening arrival of Lady V coupled with a nice glass of wine and a quick catch-up with my sister’s mob, all that was forgotten and a nice evening was had in good company. 

I even cooked dinner for her for the first time and am pleased to report that she seems to have survived the night with no ill effects.

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