The Tump

It's been an up and down sort of day. As a parent of two sporting sons, that's par for the course on a Saturday when they are playing cricket. I got a call from Roam, telling me that he got a wicket with his very first ball, but that things had gone downhill from there. No more wickets and in missing a catch off his own bowling he thought he might have broken his finger. As he was telling me this, I was at home about to cycle over to watch the firsts bat, chasing down 145 (after having had the opposition at 35-5). Forrest was batting at No.4 and texted me that the innings had just begun. By the time I got down to the club they were 7-4, with Forrest already been and gone for a first ball duck. I'm not sure whether that was more painful for me or for him.

But then things got better. The game went right down to the wire and we eventually won by 2 wickets. We needed six to win in the penultimate over when the ball was clubbed in the air, straight to a fielder on the boundary - who conspired to fumble the catch and push the ball over his head and over the boundary line to seal the victory. And then Roam announced that despite his very sore and swollen finger he was still going to play for the thirds tomorrow. I guess he can't have broken it!

It was impossible to dress for the weather today. Out of the wind and in the sun I felt too warm, while in the wind and out of the sun I felt too cold. Because of this and also due to the way the cricket played out, I didn't get too far on the bike today so I thought I'd add a blip to my one tree series.

Thanks for the comments from yesterday's shot of the schoolboys on their phones. In their defence they seemed to be able to hold a lively and intelligent conversation at the same time, and is it really any different to having your head stuck in a book or a newspaper, which is what I usually do?

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