So far, so good!

After a normal work day, where I spent my lunch break gathering more bits together for our weekend away, I eventually finished just before 4. Jon had his first go with the motor mover to manoeuvre the caravan into place to hitch up to the car. Most caravans have them, but our old one didn't, so it was new for us and very exciting watching the caravan move on its own! On our drive I said that I thought our caravan should have a name, as I had named my bike Olive. Jon said, based on the colour (My bike being olive green) that we should call our caravan Blanche. Plus it's old, and Blanche is an old person's name. So Blanche it is!

We eventually got on the road at 4.30. Jon said the caravan was so much easier to tow than our old one too. So lots of pluses. We arrived at the small farm camp site, in the small village of Foxton right on the A10 near Cambridge at 7pm. We were able to just choose a pitch, and hope that we will enjoy the sun in the morning. It didn't take long to get ourselves sorted out. I cooked (lidl - not a patch on our home made) pizzas - cooker works, tick. Made a cup of tea - kettle and electrics - tick. Jon sorted out water and the toilet. The pump for the water works but has a small leak, so will need looking at. For now, the jeye cloths will catch the drips. Light in the bathroom doesn't work, so we are going to ask Henry to look at it. It seems to be the connection. All other lights work fine. In all, we have enjoyed finding our feet and I am making a list of what we need and want.

Now relaxing with a beer/g&t, plus radio 4, and peanuts and a book each. Bed will be tested later...

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