By Ridgeback13


Gorgeous hot sunny day, but I forced myself to stay in this morning to sort out the bedroom. Took ages, as I got caught up in reading old diaries (blimey!) as well as it seeming to get messier before it got sorted as I emptied drawers and boxes out….I had to really push myself to keep at it. Short break to attend a zoom briefing about Fellowship decisions which are coming up soon, but otherwise kept at it til mid afternoon and very pleased to get it finished.
Treated myself to a couple of hours in the Meadows with a Magnum and listening to more of Young Mungo book that I’ve not been catching up on for a while. So lovely to doze in the sun with my jobs done….this weather is unreal for festival time in Edinburgh! A group of acrobats and beat boxers were practising their act near where I sat….nice to see another show even if in passing!
Home and had a shower and got changed to go and meet KC for drinks and nibbles and chat. She was lovely and I was a bit starstruck when she suggested I go to the stage door to meet her after her next performance! Good, interesting chat giving me useful context for the new role,
Rather a dash over to the Usher Hall to see a concert performance of Fidelio. I’m not a great Beethoven fan but quite enjoyed this…especially Emma Bell’s voice and performance. Not sure if being so close to the front distracted me or made me feel more part of it, but not helped by a fidgety neighbour and people chatting behind.
Home ….struck by a huge moon hanging just above the street…..and straight to bed.

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