Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Bees on Sunflower

An early walk around the garden this morning before 9am and the bees were out enjoying the sunflowers. I wasn't convinced that these sunflowers were going to flower as they seem very late compared with my dwarf ones which have been over for weeks now, but then I guess they have a lot further to grow! 

Hopefully the last of the ridiculously hot days, but not the end of the European Games which I am enjoying immensely. 

We were supposed to be going for a family meal today to celebrate my mum's birthday next week. However, she's not been sleeping and she couldn't face going out during the heat of the day, so we are postponing it until next month. At least we will be able to celebrate our anniversaries next week I'm sure. 

I'll catch up with your journals by the end of the day I'm sure. Stay cool everyone. 

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