Fine rain most of the day…the gardens and parks will be grateful! What with the weather and it being a Monday when many shows have a day off the city was much quieter today. We browsed a bit over Bearkat’s and read reviews etc, booking up a couple of extra shows. Started with a one man show in Summerhall called ‘We were promised honey’ (not sure why!). Presented as a storytelling that needed the audience to decide how/if to continue the story, and linking what happened when a man stole an empty plane from a Seattle airport with our future lives and choices and the climate crisis. The actor was engaging and a good storyteller but not sure it wholly worked for us.
Home and had an early lunch with a baguette from the French bakery and the leftovers of A’s supper yesterday, and S helped me think through and sort out my financial stuff around mortgage and savings, then to Pleasance Dome to see ‘No place like home’ which was a fast paced multimedia show about a first experience in a gay club. Great acting and effects, and a very sad ending.
We stopped for a drink in Soderberg before returning to Summerhall for a show called ‘Hungry’ which was a very funny but also hard hitting two handed drama about a chef and her relationship with her waitress across several divides. Very well done and great performances, but unfortunately the venue was running late which left us dashing up the road to get to Scottish Ballet’s Coppelia. Stunning….a modern take on the old story, with robots, multimedia effects and new music, and incredible dance. As some of the robots were carried or moved around they managed to make their bodies appear entirely stiff and lifeless and when they ‘started up’ every muscle moved like a machine….amazing. There was a rapturous audience reception and lots of excited chatter on the way out.
We stopped for some Thai food on the way home (I definitely ate too much!) then home to catch up with A&N and talk to T about P. He told him about Diesel today…can’t have been easy, and I really feel for how upset and lonely P will be feeling tonight.

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