By JeanSnaps

Space traveller.

I was going to go to Loch Leven’s Larder today but the furthest I went was to the pharmacy to pick up my medication.  Decided I needed to eat up the contents of my freezer before stocking up on Cook meals. Try to be a bit economical.  Went into the garden and finally hacked enough off the last bit of the plastic garden container so that it would fit in the car.  It was the lid and tougher than the other bits but I defeated it.  Sawed off the remaining tough thick ivy roots.  Only a stump remains which I’ll get Alan to dig up in the winter along with another shrub.  Swept up gravel which had gradually gravitated to the pavement then Courtney turned up looking very smart in her school uniform.  Her first day at school was Wednesday and she seems to have taken to it like a duck to water.  Came in and economy went out the window as I ordered bulbs for the garden.  No matter how many I have I always want more. They seem to have got more expensive this year like everything else.

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