St. Pancras railway station opened in 1868 and is one of the wonders of Victorian engineering.  It is a masterpiece of Victorian Gothic architecture and one of the most elegant stations in the world.  This is my entry for Wide Wednesday hosted by  BobsBlips.  Today's theme is " something historic ".

I have added an Extra collages showing the Summer Tree installation. The tree has been constructed from eco-friendly fresh dyed Gypsophila in vibrant summer colours. The other photo is of the " Meeting Place  - a 9m tall bronze statue of a couple's embrace. Known commonly as 'The Lovers statue' it takes pride of place on the Grand Terrace near the Eurostar exit.

I left Sussex this morning and headed North.  I did intend walking from the Airbnb to the railway station in Burgess Hill but Annette offered to give me a lift.  I was grateful for that. Train to St Pancras was on time. I had a nice wander around there as I had plenty of time before I needed to catch the train from Kings Cross to Newcastle.  I always enjoy listening to the piano players in St Pancras.  Both pianos were " occupied " today and both pianists were excellent.

My train left Kings Cross at 1.30pm - bang on time.  I enjoyed a nice meal of Shepherdess Chicken followed by Lemon Posset.  A packet of crisps and a chocolate brownie appeared later on as well as coffee and cold drinks. Nice to travel first class and enjoy food brought to your seat.

Train arrived in Newcastle on time - 4.39pm.   I caught a bus to my village around 20 mins later. 

Tino and Lily were very pleased to see me.  Lots of chat from Tino and Lily wanted tummy tickles.

Newcastle were playing in the Carabao Cup this evening -  away to Tranmere Rovers.  I watched the match on my computer ( Sky Go ). Tranmere scored the first goal but Newcastle managed to pull things around and scored two goals to win the match.

I have felt rather unwell since I got back home - sore throat, bunged up and very weary.  I guess its because I have been in the company of so many different people over the last week and picked up some germs.  I'm feeling a bit better now at 11.45pm.  Hopefully after a good nights sleep I will be OK in the morning.

I had a wonderful time while I was away - especially being able to spend so much time with Astrid.  It won't be long till I see them again though as Mike is running in the Great North Run on 11th September and they will be staying with me for a couple of days.

Steps today - 7,828

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