The He-Man Adventure Club

Alfalfa, will you swing me before we have lunch?
Sure, Darla.
Say, Romeo, what about your promise to the He-Man Woman-Haters Club?
I'm sorry, Spanky, I have to live my own life!

I was on my walk in the early afternoon and it was pretty darn hot out. But the heat was not deterring these three little boys, who were having a grand adventure in their own yard.

The first little boy was holding a flag.
The second had a cowboy hat and a toy gun.
The third had a hockey mask and a baseball bat!

They stopped to take a look at me, and I snagged a photo or two as they did so; then they continued their parade through their front yard. Just another chapter in the story of the He-Man Adventure Club!

Here is the song the initial quote came from: REO Speedwagon, Tough Guys.

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