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By walkingMarj

101 years old

It's hard to believe that it was a whole year ago when we celebrated Mum's 100th birthday with a garden party and about 100 guests.

101st birthdays are celebrated with less pizzazz than centenaries, but we have had friends calling on and off all weekend. Today our lounge was full of friends and we shared chat, tea, cake and biscuits. It was low key and just right.

We have an array of flowers and new plants to enjoy and the birthday cards are everywhere. Here Mum is showing the card that Margaret (across the road)'s grandson Tom made for her. He knows that she likes hedgehogs.

The day started well. I was still in the shower when the phone rang with a WhatsApp call, that is a video call. I manged to wrap my hair in a towel, grabbed my bath sheet and ran to answer. It was my cousin Margaret in Australia. We had a good laugh while I covered myself with the bath sheet. I took the phone to Mum who was in bed. It was lovely to hear from Margaret, who was all dressed up ready for a night out with her husband, Peter. (He was also in the shower but made a brief appearance, fully dressed!)

Time now to rest. 

I wasn't going to mention the Conservative leadership election except to say that I hope it brings a general election closer. Did anyone hear the Jane Godley voiceover of Liz Truss' speech. Magic. We need something to make us smile.


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