I was rather late getting up today – having slept very well, but there was no need to rush!

I had my shower, and then decided I would go into my quiet room and spend some time reading the new book that I treated myself to last week “In the Presence of Jesus” by Paul Bane and Matt Litton. I have been reading lots of books on Kindle and also listening to audio books, but nothing beats holding a “real book!”

Each morning I spend at least half an hour reading the book and then praying using this 40 day contemplative devotional.  I realise this is not a book for everyone, but it has really encouraged me, as a Christian, especially in the past few days and weeks since I have been recovering from having the Covid virus.  Please don’t think I am preaching at anyone. I’m just saying how much I have been encouraged in my Christian walk and it has been a precious time - and one I’m sure I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t felt so poorly and had to rest.  Definitely a Romans 8: 28: time - and many Christians will understand that!

I was so intent on getting the book, the bookmark - with an old photograph of the two of us, when we both had dark hair- and my phone in the shot - showing the song I listen to each day, that I didn’t realise I also had part of my pink robe in the shot - however, I decided to leave it in because after all, it does have a life of its own on Blip!

These are the words of the song, "A Blessing" from the Album “Fire of Love” and also "Complete Chants" - and if you are interested, this website gives more information about the composer, Margaret Rizza.

May the Lord bless you,
May the Lord protect you and
Guide you,
May his strength uphold you,
His light shine upon you,
His peace surround you,
His love enfold you.
May the Lord bless you,
The Lord bless you
The Lord bless you

My prayers have included many of you, who have been so kind and patient with me - I am truly grateful for each one of you and, of course, for Blip - it, and you, have got me through the last few difficult weeks and I am gradually getting back to commenting, albeit rather slowly, but it appears that healing, after Covid, takes time and patience!

P.S.  I am an avid "underliner" of passages in books - sorry if that offends you, but it is my book and it helps me to remember the important things.

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