There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

White-Tail Family, Framed!

aka, Blame it on Bruce Springsteen . . .

We were on our way back from errands in town, and my husband dropped me off along the way so I could get my daily walk in; he drives home, and I walk the rest of the way. I got out my pink tunes box and was just putting it on, when I noticed a family of deer in the woods off to my right, behind a metal gate.

I was still messing with the music, and I was watching the family of deer at the same time, trying to get some shots with the camera. The deer had just noticed me, the tails went up, and they were starting to move away from me.  I thought, Gee, Maybe they'll cross the road to go into the gamelands, which was on the hill above us.

Well, two things happened at once: 1) I snapped my tunes box on, just in time to hear the first strains of the Boss and crew, performing Purple Rain (my soul just sighed happily at the first couple of licks, I can't help it), and 2) the whole family of deer crossed the road right in front of me! It happened so fast, I missed the shot!

Oh well. So what you have for today is a fish tale of "the one that got away" and also this shot, of four of the family of five deer, two with white tails in the air, two not. (Two heads and two tails!) There are two fawns among the group and they will soon be losing their spots as they move into their winter coats.

My soundtrack song for deer-watching is this one. Enjoy it! I did! Bruce Springsteen, with Purple Rain, performed in Brooklyn, in honor of Prince shortly after his passing.

Personal note: I had just seen Bruce at the BJC at Penn State less than a week before this performance, and it was a great show! After I saw Bruce's Purple Rain performance online - and downloaded it for free - I said to my husband, "Why didn't Bruce play Purple Rain for US, hmm?" His answer: "Because Prince wasn't DEAD yet then!" Oh, okay! Sheesh, a total blonde moment! *eye-roll at self*

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