Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Abstract Thursday - Changes

The thanks to Ingeborg for today's AT challenge of "changes".  I have taken a fairly literal interpretation in this.  I used ICM with a very slow shutter and vertical camera movement using the tall grasses reflected in the water.  The grasses are dying back now as evidenced by the non--green lines which I interpreted as seasonal changes.  I took this from my kayak during a very enjoyable paddle today.

I saw two of my neighbors doing their usual morning walk (he had a heart transplant and rarely misses a day of walking) and took Jax out and joined them.  We walked and talked and had a nice time.  They wanted all the details on Charlie's escape and return, and made a big fuss over Jax which he loved.  Very nice way to start the day.

Then I loaded the kayak up and went out to one of the nearby lakes for a nice long paddle.  Total bliss even though I was getting shoved around a bit by the wind.  There was only one other boat on the lake, a couple of fishermen who arrived just after me and helped me take my kayak off the car roof.  I took a ridiculous number of shots trying to get a pond hawk dragon ovipositing but not a single one came out clear.  Not surprising really since both the dragon and the kayak were moving rather erratically.  I may go out again tomorrow after yoga if the weather is nice and try again.  

We decided to donate Hubs' old Mercedes to a charitable organization (Alzheimers research) so they are coming to  pick it up tomorrow.  He considered selling it, but it really isn't worth much and needs a new trans, so kind of doesn't make sense to try to sell it.  He has been researching cars like crazy and has landed on a Honda Accord Hybrid.  Not sure if we'll try to get it now or just wait a while.  The car market is really a mess right now so it probably makes sense to wait.  We'll see.

And such sad news today about the passing of Queen Elizabeth. I have to think she was ready to join her Prince. I can’t imagine that any person could have done more for her country than this woman. Rest In Peace, Your Majesty.

Dark with mint today.


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