A day in the life

By Shelling

Election day

Election day in Sweden, climax of a year with positioning of parties and arguments has led to a Tv show, resembling the Eurovision song contest or the Swedish final football season. We are overflowed by technical diagrams, touch-screen overviews and speculations of who will be the "winner" in a way that  almost makes me forget what it's really all about.
At the time of this Blip-scribble we face a situation of an increasing influence of right wing parties but it looks like the Socialdemocratic party is forming a new government but the levels are so even that this might change after all the votes are counted next week.

I had my shed-inauguration dinner-party this evening, a very successful event, the food turned out well, sausage and drinks in the shed and later, chili con carne with pear-compote for pudding (extra). We sat around till ten o'clock following the election results on the telly until the situation seemed as stable as it gets this evening. None of us gave away what we voted for but it's clear that we all belong somewhere in the leftish side of the two blocks, a side that has a huge spread of political views.

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