A day in the life

By Shelling


or Houseleek, as I think is called in English, is recovering after a hot and dry summer. Some of it looked dead but as you can see, it's recovering in the increasingly damp autumn weather. September is an in between month, still summer like sometimes but the days are shorter by several hours and showers are getting more frequent. So far the climate is mild, there will be days...

The general feeling during the day has been one of mourning. This morning a truck came to fetch most of the calves in the herd, and drove away. Left are only a few of the mothers who aimlessly wander around by themselves or just stand under a tree in silence, looking straight ahead in a dreamlike way. As the farmer put it; "a few of the cows has lost their calves, the others are mourning in sympathy". The life-cycle starts over again.

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