Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I was out checking on my bee house in the pollinator garden this afternoon when I spotted this tiny wasp poking around.  I wasn't sure what it was but suspected, from it's behavior, that it was some sort of parasitoid wasp.  A few pics taken and then the task of researching (made every so much easier by apps like SEEK).  Where I landed is that this is one of the chalcid wasps, probably Leucospis affinis, who use their very long ovipositor to drill into the tubes of mason bees and insert their own egg.  Their larva then feeds on the larva of the mason bee.  Creepy but also interesting.

What was really interesting was that what I thought was a line running through the back of this little wasp was actually her ovipositor which she folds up over her back.  Amazing.  And yes, I'm a shameless geek. 

Dropped Jax off at day care where he appears to be having an excellent day.  Then home for a quick breakfast and an appointment with a GYN who is now sending me for yet another scan.  This being the one that some of you women will be familiar with - it requires you to drink 32 ounces of water 1 hour before the scan, whereupon the technician will press as hard as possible on your abdomen while you try desperately not to pee.  I'm bundling it all on for next Friday since I'm already scheduled for my covid booster that day.  Might as well get it all over with.

It's a beautiful fall-like day with temperatures only in the 70's and scattered clouds.  I contemplated a paddle but was feeling very tired and draggy today so opted for a nap and then some garden time.  And now it's almost time to pick up the boy.  He'll be supercharged until he has some time to wind himself down.  

I've been watching coverage of the Queen's final journey.  It's truly the end of an era and I suspect the Monarchy will change a great deal in the coming years.  She has been such a steady hand on the wheel over the last 7 decades.  It irritates me when I hear people (mostly under-educated Americans, alas) talk ill of her.  What is apparent is that most of them don't have the faintest idea what the Monarchy is about, or what the role of the Queen (now King) really is.  Oh well, you can't force people to educate themselves before barfing out opinions.  

I released 4 Monarch butterflies today, three females and one male.  I've still got two big fat cats eating and expect them to pupate before the end of the weekend.  Winding down.  Bittersweet.

Dark with almonds today.


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