Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

The Queen's funeral and stags

I have been wanting to go to Bushy Park at sunrise to get photos of the stags as the rutting season begins, but this month the annual cull is taking place and so during the week the park only opens at 8am. We got to the park at exactly 8am and when I saw some cars already in the car park I realised that the park probably opened earlier today due to the public holiday (and seeing SueL7's blip convinced me of this)

I took some photos of the stags while Gavin walked Xena (on a lead). There were a few big stags but not much bellowing going on or signs of the rut. In the extras is a sweet little calf hiding in the bracken.

We were home just after 9am and after breakfast we started watching the queen's funeral proceedings. I know many don't support royalty and some have complained about today being a public holiday, and many don't get what the British royalty is all about - but I think her funeral today was absolutely right and befitting for the greatest monarch that has ever lived. She was very much loved and millions wanted to show their respect for her. The pageantry today was what we have come to expect, faultless, well controlled, the formations of her troops so slick and perfect. What a perfect send off for Queen Elizabeth II. Also well done to Kate and William for their perfectly behaved children at the funeral. And so ends the Elizabethan II era.

We watched the proceedings for most of the morning, then after a light lunch we took Xena for another walk. 

In under two weeks Gavin, Luke, Meriel and Adam will be running the London Marathon. Every one of them has had injuries - Gavin tore his hamstring, which has now healed and he managed a 21km training run yesterday. Luke has had knee problems, Meriel has had achilles problems, and Adam developed ITB and so has done far less training than he should (he is getting a steroid injection in his knee to help). It's not going to be an easy marathon for all of them, but hopefully no serious injuries will occur during the race.

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