At the back...

...of the Cheviot Centre. Had intended to post a Blip of the garden there, but decided that this view at the back of the main centre is more interesting, with the 'hypnotherapy pod', the spiral staircase, and the Japanese anemones.

Our plans for the coming week seemed to change several times today, as MrM planned and re-planned his schedule for completing work to the hall and replacing the door. It all needs to be complete before the estate agent's brochure goes 'live'. By the end of the afternoon I escaped for a while, as much to clear my head as to stretch my legs. Walked down to the river but shortened the walk a bit after it started raining. Light drizzle soon turned to torrential downpour. It had all but stopped by the time I got home, but it was good to get inside and change out of soaking wet jeans!

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