A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Eda is 5!

Well I couldn’t possibly use anything else today.

This photo came before Eda went to school this morning. Daddy said she had had fun with balloons, as you can see and had gf croissants for breakfast and then went out pretending to be a dragon with her breath in the cold air.

Tonight Granny Sue will probably come to tea and she will open family presents. She opened presents from friends on Saturday  and ours as we were there. So despite spending the day at school I think she’ll have a good day.

We have had a busy morning, me catching up with the ironing and Chris making Apple chutney from apples he got from Grace’s neighbours. Then we both went up to the village pharmacy for our flu jabs. All jabbed up now for the autumn and winter ahead.

Drinks with friends later then I must get my Eda and Jude photo book finished to get the current offer which ends at midnight.

Happy birthday Eda!
And happy 4th birthday to Esme in New Zealand 

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