Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

End of the Season

This is a shot for Steveng's WidWed in the subject of Late Summer / Winter Scene.  Thanks so much for hosting, Steven.

This afternoon I went to Calshot with a couple of friends for a mercifully short walk and a long time gossiping in the cafe.  And I hoped this might fit the bill for an 'end of season' shot.  Even if there's not a brown leaf in sight, there are no people enjoying their beach huts, all were locked up, and looking out across the bay I could see only one lone yacht (which you can also just about see between the two blue huts).

So there we are.  The trip was good and made me feel better, even though I'm still in pain.  Hopefully, though, the consultant will answer my email in the next day or so.  Halleluja!!

Enjoy the rest of your evening  xx

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