Coming Soon To A Garden Near You

Well, we got our ‘flu jabs, our weekly shop and petrol at Tesco this morning…one stop(well two stop to be pedantic) shopping at its finest!!

We then went on to a garden centre to meet up with our daughter for coffee / bacon sandwich - we had to get our strength back you know.

I had to smile at the vehicles on display in the centre…this wonderful Piaggio Ape and an old Ferguson tractor..see extra. Just what every garden needs…

The little van is basically a Vespa scooter with a cab and flat bed bolted on the back. Ape is not a reference to the primate, but is Italian for bee (aah-pay), with vespa being Italian for wasp…

We did buy some daffodil bulbs, some cyclamen plants and a decorative planter to put outside the front door.

Now chilling at home…literally! I suspect that the heating may be switched on soon….use it while it is cheaper!

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