By Incredibish

Flower Friday from the other side of the glass...

We did manage a nice nine mile circuit on the bikes before the rain came, but when it came there was no more going out... and so this is the scene from my comfortable position in front of the screen, watching the thoroughly brilliant Professor Ronald Hutton expand upon the Gods of Prehistoric Britain, from Gresham University. 

If you're a Hutton fan or a Druid or Pagan who likes their traditions less fluffy he's well worth signing up for, as he continues his series of lectures for (free!). 

I hope Blippers in the UK have all read your electricity and gas meters today and sent in your readings. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your bank balance. Or maybe the last. And just in case... you know, unlikely... I have Tory followers. Try this. It's quite a thing to do right to the end.

My jaw was on the table, and I kind of knew it already. Wow.

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