By hazelh

Last day of term?

Here I am with my dear friend, colleague, and part-time 'office husband'* Peter at the get-together that he organised to mark my retirement date today. We met at 4pm for a buffet and drinks, there were speeches just after 5pm, then at 6:30pm a core group of us - Peter, (Dean) Peter A, David H, Aleks, Rachel, Brian, Bruce, Mr hazelh, and I - wandered along the road for a jolly meal at McLarens.

Everything about the afternoon and evening was perfect:

- The speeches by the Dean and by Peter were lovely - I really should make a point of meeting this amazing Hazel person one day!
- My own very short speech went down well, although I did choke up when acknowledging Mr hazelh's support throughout my career
- My colleagues gave me 'just a card' as requested. (I didn't want a collection to be made because I already have everything in life that I want)
- Bruce surprised me with a wonderful 'Book of Hazel' crammed with photographs/pictures from over the course of my career and messages from colleagues past and present, and Katherine gave me an intriguing puzzle

Of course, this is not the end of my association with the University. I will see Rachel, Katherine, and Marina through to the completion of their PhDs, the photo sharing public engagement element of the Platform to Platform project will run into 2023 (see the LornaLPodcast journal), nothing will stop my writing, and I will continue to be involved in a number of external activities such as paper reviewing and assessing grant applications. However, from this point onwards I hope that there will be less said in this Blipfoto journal about work activities and more about retirement fun.

By the way, I think that my 'cold' of recent days is autumn 'hayfever' as suggested by meles yesterday. Antihistamine has been very effective.

*Bruce may also lay claim to this title.

Exercise today: walking (12,978 steps).

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